About Us

Ndalem Nuriyyat Villas & Spa is a boutique hotel located in north of Yogyakarta and away from hustle and bustle of the city.

Our mission is to become a place to stay that provides warmth, comfort, tranquility and we care deeply about healthy lifestyle and beauty by offering our Spa, skincare clinic, special hotel activities and food service.

With total of 9 bedrooms we prioritize our guests' privacy and comfort, we focus on the personalized service so that our guests feel the intimacy as if they’re in their own home.


Hopefully Ibu Kartini's spirit in realizing the advancement of women in particular will be a source of inspiration for all of us towards self-improvement and devotion to God Almighty so as to spread Positive Aura to the surrounding environment.


Take advantage of free space with worship together to reach the blessings of Allah SWT in this Holy Month of Ramadan. May Allah accept Our Charity Worship.


Ndalem Nuriyyat applies the Health Protocol.

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It's your Birthday! We are excited to be a part of your special day . Can you imagine to have a pool side party with live music and nice decoration? We can help you to manifest it.



Celebrate your special Honeymoon with Ndalem Nuriyyat and we will help you to arrange your special day and enjoy your romantic moment on a meaningful way.



Take a deep breath, and take your weekend to calm your mind and nourish your soul in the middle of your busy days . It’s time to relax!  We want to focus to make you relax, feel the serenity and refill your energy during the 3 days of your weekend by offering the best treatment from us.

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Take advantage of Ndalem Nuriyyat's space to plan your next office meeting or seminar. A meeting can be arranged to meet your needs.

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The role of women in the small sphere of the family is undoubtedly important. Her maternal instincts cause a woman to be close to her child, and become a very influential figure in shaping the child's mental and character. Kartini Millenial is a creative active woman who is able to give a positive aura to the surrounding environment and is able to form Noble Morals for her children. For that it deserves appreciation from the family. Ndalem Nuriyyat gave Gift Promo for Kartini at Home . Take advantage of this promo as a gift for the mother / wife, so that they can relax for a while and foster a sense of happiness with a staycation at Ndalem Nuriyyat.
Happy Kartini's Day.

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Welcome Ramadan with joy. Our hunger and thirst will be rewarding this month.
Ndalem Nuriyyat provides Ramadhan Package Promo. Take advantage of this promo for a night of intimacy with Tadarus and Taraweh with family. Hopefully our deeds of worship in this holy month will be accepted by Allah SWT.
Ndalem Nuriyyat applies the Health Protocol


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Marhaban Ya Ramadan.

After a day of fasting, Iftar becomes the moment awaited to restore Energy, then carry out Tarawih worship and other rewarding worship. Iftar becomes a memorable gathering place when done with friends or family.

Ndalem Nuriyyat provides Global Packages: overnight stays, Floating Iftar Experience , as well as Sahur, and free space for joint worship activities with limited capacities.

Ndalem Nuriyyat applies the Health Protocol